Before checking in for your appointment please read through the questions carefully, and if you answer YES to any please make our staff aware:

  • Have you had any of the following symptoms in the past 10 days?
    • A new persistent cough (coughing for more than an hour or more than three coughing episodes in a 24–hour period)
    • A high temperature or fever
    • Loss of, or altered, sense of smell or taste
  • Have you or any members of your household had a confirmed diagnosis of COVID–19 in the last 10 days?
  • Are you or any member of your household waiting for a COVID–19 PCR test result?
  • Have you travelled internationally in the last 10 days to a country that is on the government red list? Click here for further information
  • Have you been identified by the PHA Contact Tracing Service as someone who should currently be self–isolating or quarantining?
  • Do you have any new or worsening respiratory symptoms not already mentioned which suggest you may have a respiratory virus?  For example a runny nose, sore throat, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, congestion, sneezing.

 Please also be aware:

If you are considered to be in a vulnerable group please contact our reception team: 

BDA COVID-19 Information

Information can be found here regarding dental care while the Coronavirus restrictions are in place.

British Dental Association

High Street Dental Practice, Ballymoney

The team at High Street Dental Practice provide the highest standard of NHS and Cosmetic Dentistry.


Dental Treatments

Some of the treatments we provide include:

Straighter teeth, quicker!

Straighter teeth in a matter of weeks is becoming very popular with more patients having it carried out. Contact Us for more information.


Fillings are available in many forms including mercury-free cosmetic fillings. Contact Us for more information.

Oral Health

At High Street Dental Practice we provide great advice and guidance for the whole family to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Contact Us for more information.

Regular Check-ups

Prevention is always better than a cure and we can help keep your smile the best it can be with regular dental check-ups.

Bridge Work

For all your cosmetic dentistry, our team will help you achieve the best solution. Our Practice is committed to providing high standards of care to our patients.

Tooth Whitening

High Street Dental Practice provide patients with a fantastic, easy to use and affordable tooth whitening system. Book an appointment today.


For all your crown work, our team will help you achieve the best solution. We have many years experience in crowns and related treatments. Contact Us for more information.

Routine Dental Treatments

For other routine dental treatments, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 02827662532 for more information.